“The Sacred Valley of the Incas” is located north of the city of Cusco, running along the Vilcanota river. This area has a warm pleasant climate, fertile soil, and abundant water sources. “the Sacred Valley” can easily be called one of the most beautiful valleys on the inca planet. All along the river sit little colonial towns that seem stuck in time, innumerable inca monuments, temples, forts, irrigation systems and palaces built high on mountain sides. Some of these are easy to get to along a short path, while others require hours of walking along trails that decorate the mountains. “Pisac” and “Ollantaytambo” boast great inca constructions, and folk fairs on tuesdays, thursdays and sundays. The landscape of “the sacred valley” is unique and unbeatable in grandor. Starting in “Pisac” and all along both sides of the “urubamba river”, the impressive eternally snowy mountain ranges can be seen from different angles but always seeming to reach towards the heavens. “the sacred valley” is blessed with a priceless mixture of colors. Grays from the mountains, a wide range of greens from the vegetation, reds and yellows from theflowers, and a bright blue sky with pompous white clouds.

Sacred Valley program, tuesdays, thursdays and sundays (9a.m. – 6p.m. Approx.).


The pisac folk market and/or ruins the Ollantaytambo village and ruins, the Chinchero
village and ruins.


Transfer, tourist bus, professional guide, good shopping and views.

Not included:

Tourist ticket and lunch.

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