Spanish Lessons offered in association with Spanish Schools

According to your level:

Our aim is, from the first day on, that you learn to face daily practical situations using our language without fear. The lessons therefore are given in Spanish by native speakers. That’s also why we offer you a family stay, voluntary work possibilities and an opportunity for language exchange

You’ll receive Spanish lessons according to your current level. By giving you an assessment examination, both oral and written, we test your current level. Weekly examinations are offered to measure your progress.


We want to fit your individual learning needs by using different teaching methods. The objective is not only that you have a good understanding of grammar, but also that you know how to use it while writing speaking and reading.


A very important objective of the lessons is that you use the grammar learned to have conversations in the streets. Teachers will use materials, roll plays and activities to make you talk about different subjects, using all the grammar you’ve had before.


You get to read articles, literature, fairy tales, and more… out loud. This will improve your pronunciation and you will learn new vocabulary. These reading texts are also used to open up discussions.


To improve your listening skills, you get to listen to songs filling in missing words, recorded fairy tales or videostapes. All these materials are used to practice different grammar subjects. Like reading texts, you learn new vocabulary and discus the recordings later.


Your writing skills are tested while making exercises in class, writing short stories or making homework.


Grammar is taught in an interactive way. The teachers will test your understanding constantly by asking examples from you. Sometimes teachers make you discover the grammar rules by yourself using short stories or video.


Teachers will test your speaking, reading, listening and writing level constantly in class by practicing it with you. You can also ask for a test after a period of time to measure your improvements.

Individual Classes:

Individual classes are more flexible, you can take 2 hours a day or more.

The classes will be tailor-made according to your wishes. Individual lessons are a good option;

– If you want a review of different grammar items.
– If there is a big difference between your oral and your written level.
– If you are a professional and you want to learn, related to your occupation.

We also teach Spanish to children from 7 to 15 years old in a special and individual way, using plays, drawings and fairy tales.

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