The state of cusco is situated in peru`s south eastern region, spreading out between the andean regions and the amazonic plains.

Dimensions: 72,104,041 km2.
Capital: Cusco.
Altitude: 3400 mts.

Weather: the weather in cusco is generally dry and warm with two quite definable seasons: a dry one during the months of april to october, with sunny days and cold nights. During this season ,also called the high season due to the flow of tourism, the avarage temperature is 14`c. The rainy season lasts between the months of november through to march, with an average temperatura of 13`c. On sunny days, the temperatura can go up to 20`c.

City Tour

The Cathedral:

It is built upon the foundations of the inca temple, suntur wasi (home of god) and also according to the chronicles the palace of the inca wiracocha. Cusco´s cathedral was begun in 1560, and was not finished until 1669. The interior was created in a renaissance style with woodcarvings in cedar and alder. The most prominent carvings are the chorus, the pulpit, the altars, and the wooden pews.

According to inca cosmology, the qorikancha is located exactly at the center of the inca world. It is an impressive building, a product of artistic genius and the creative force of the tawantinsuyo, the inac empire. The qorikancha was the most important of all the temples, where the high priest lived and practised the religion of the sun god. According to the chronicles, the inside walls of the temple were completely covered in gold. The most interesting areas of the temple of the sun are the royal quarters, the rooms dedicated to the moon, stars and rainbow, and also the circular wall that characterizes the temple´s façade.

City tour

Starts every day at approx 2 pm-6 pm where we will be visiting the city of cusco and the ruins around cusco. These were built by pachaquteq the greatest inca king.


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The cathedral
Sacsayhuaman (a must see!)


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Tourist bus (25 seater)
Professional guide
Meet people from all over the planet[/list]


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Tourist ticket
Entrance to the cathedral and qoricancha[/list]

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