My South African adventure, true to the word what an experience from the moment i was invited to attend, the adventure began. i have never dealt with more professional people Simon and Mark Myburgh their attention to detail is unsurpassed, from extra nights accommodation right through to internal flights organized with no dramas or hassles we were constantly asked of our wellbeing and comfort and if more was needed to simply ask.

Our itinerary was jammed packed with activities from strolling along endless white sandy beaches, to amazing sunsets from cliffs above, lovely little restaurants on route with the odd stop at wineries to quench our thirst, our safari so breathtaking, Robben Island, revealed pain endured by many for freedom and Love, which we take for granted. My favorite which will remain in my heart forever was an orphanage called MASIZAME where we meet these beautiful children, the strongest of characters could not hold back tears, all thanks to an amazing woman who started this some 25yrs ago. Her vision and determination to help these homeless children, risking her life in those troublesome Apartheid years, Lesley Myburgh you are not only an inspiration to us all, you have taught to love with ones heart and not with ones eyes your a true Angel which we love so dearly.

The amazing people that i met on this adventure which made it even more so memorable, watching certain individuals lives transform right before my eyes and sharing experiences with people from all parts of the world, different cultures, different beliefs and in just a few days inseparable, one big happy family sharing and caring bonds with certain individuals that are for life, meeting a spiritual healer of the land very powerful and very empowering, if I’m to sum up this Adventure.
Only three words needed.


Dont Dream It Do It

Joe Marino (wing Man)

Dear Family,

I am so grateful to Lesley, Simon and Mark for leading this journey to South Africa. Every element of the trip was unique and inspired by their love and spirit (not a surprise knowing the Myburghs).
As they (as well as their friends and other family members!) guided us from spot after spot of pristine natural beauty, to the prison where Nelson Mandela was held for 25 years, to the home of Lindy, an astoundingly gifted traditional healer, to being face to face with lions, zebras and awe-inspiring elephants on safari, it felt like a dream.
There are so many other highlights of the journey that I will never forget and that fed my soul.
And somehow this was all done in a way that felt easy and went deep.
It takes a magical crew to accomplish such a task, really.
An endless thank you to you all!
Honestly, I felt like the trip was packed with sites, sounds and experiences with just enough downtime to make it not feel rushed or “tour-like.” I wouldn’t want to have missed anything we did.

Thank you so much for your guidance in understanding of what it really means to open up.
And so much love to Simon and Mark – I learned much from both of you in South Africa — notably about faith, showing up and the world’s endless supply of magic. Y’all are so wonderful.

Bettie Rhineheart

Aloha my dears,

South Africa seems so far away and yet, when I think of you, so close!
It was an amazing experience, yes, and the beautiful group of people just made the experience ever so much more so.
The genuine guide Marten (Gandolf) and Lindy and Robin Island, meeting the family and the orphanage against the backdrop of some of the most beautiful country side and then Grandfather … in those ever delicious, small doses, ramping up to the big crescendo, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I would say the highlight would have been the tiny bits of spiritual ingestion, very much like delicious bits of the most tasty of pure oxygen, and yet there were so many beautiful bright bits of highlights that wove together my most wonderful time there.
Having the opportunity to work with Lindy brought me back to my radiant center, waiting for me, always, by my side and yet growing into it in a very new and unique way, so perfectly well timed, thank you … grief was such a beautiful and loving process, having been given the chance to pore thru its gifts with just the right amount of eloquent timing. My beloved thanks you …

I felt so beautifully and wonderfully held, such so, that I continue to feel that presence, kind of like when you learn to ride a bike and you think your family member is still holding up the rear … and that I am ever so connected to such a beautiful pod of people, I am never alone, that’s for sure … coming out of the grieving cocoon into an even brighter, loving world my beloved and I shared, continue to share … I am grateful to share it with our beauty, yours, mine … and our ever growing soul pod.

I felt so wonderfully ‘safe’ with you … I hadn’t looked too deeply into the ‘temperature’ of South Africa, wanting to be a bit naked and surprised … I knew a bit about Nelson Mandela and had a school friend from Zimbabwe, had been invited to Ghana and learned the most amazing bodywork from a West African trained missionary, and the bit of bone throwing I have learned from a Cuban teacher … and then listening to your life experiences in South Africa, into Peru … ‘wow’ is about all I can say in the moment.

I am very most grateful for the experience with the horses and the amazing safari and again, for being given the amount of space and safety, to be free and to roam as free as can be on such a beautiful and inspiring continent and for being with such an amazing and equally inspiring family … I have grown so fond of … forever in my heart, and soul and Spirit … our beautiful pod …

I love you,
Diana Falconi

Hi Lesley & family.

The trip was really quite fantastic and well organized.
We enjoyed the experience of meeting new and interesting people and seeing your beautiful country.
Sharon and I wish you all well and look forward to seeing you again one day.

Regards. David and Sharon.

The Myburghs are a family I hold very close to my heart, stemming from a close connection and friendship formed spending time high in the Andes with them. When the invitation was extended to us to join them on their epic inaugural journey back to their home land of South Africa, there was no hesitation in saying “YES!”
All travel, transfers and connections unfolded seamlessly and accommodation all through the trip well and truly exceeded expectations.
I love travelling with these guys, their attention to detail is second to none, to ensure each and every person is given the full V.I.P. treatment… I have literally witnessed this in person, as they have gone above and beyond to cater for a specific need or request for their guests.
Their love for this land is obvious, and shines through with a brilliant clarity, as they proudly share each new adventure and place along the way. This is also reflected in the wise and knowledgeable guides selected to ensure we were able to get the very best and the most of each and every location we visited.
The journey itself was nothing short of life changing. Travelling the spectacular Garden Route of the Southern Coast, from The Cape of Good hope, through to Port Elizabeth; absorbing the picture perfect scenery, the rich history and culture, the wisdom, medicine and magic, the proud and beautiful people and last, but definitely not least, the wildlife!! There were times that made our hearts race, from being in such close proximity to the majestic lions or the massive elephants; there were others where our hearts felt fit to burst with pure emotion or love, during visits to Robben Island and the Masizame Orphanage.
All I can really say to sum up the whole journey is this: Thank you!!! I’ll be back… again and again!

If you get the opportunity to go… GO! I promise you won’t regret it for a single second.

Julie Hewat.