Another Planet believes in giving back (AYNI) as part of our Philosophy, practicing sustainable tourism. A part of your payment will go toward giving the street children a bright future and development of new structures to further their education and become self-reliant.

Masizame Children’s Shelter:

Masizame is a children’s shelter in Plettenberg Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa,DSC_0794 that was founded in 1992 by Lesley Myburgh.

The name, Masizame, was chosen by the children of the shelter. Masizame is a Xhosa word, meaning “Lets Try”. The beginnings of this project was fret with no assistance from Child Welfare, until Lesley wrote to President Nelson Mandela. Madiba sent a team from Cape Town to investigate the Masizame shelter. After their visit, Mr Mandela bought the first house for our children, and funded the project every month, from his own pocket, paying for food, clothing, electricity & water.

The project expanded after Lesley left to live in Peru, and is still running successfully. Masizame relies on donations since the passing of Mr. Mandela. Lesley Myburgh received an Award from Nelson Mandela for the ‘Masizame street children project South Africa’ amongst others.

Masizame Children’s Shelter is a home to over 25 children that are there for various reasons, ranging from having no home of their own, parents who cannot afford to look after them, to abuse.

The Project:


The project offers the child a constant alternative to the destructive environment of an unbearable home life, sadly their home life typically includes, alcoholic parents, poverty, physical and mental abuse and the child’s inability to cope with these traumas. The project adopts an eternal open door policy and aims to restore self dignity through equipping the child with life skills, self reliance and coping mechanisms. Through constant communication and love we seek to restore meaningful contact with family and establish support structures with there community of origin. Masizame provides shelter, outreach pre school and after school programs and counseling.

Mission Statement:


WE believe that every child has the right to be a child in the fullest sense.

The primary mission is to reintegrate children into their rightful families and communities, Failing which to create a safe environment for neglected, abused or homeless children where they can be introduced to formal education and / or technical life skills to enable them to become self-reliant or gain meaningful employment and ultimately take their rightful place in society.


Get involved help give a child a better future , Please if you would like to make a difference by donating to this beautiful project contact Lesley at .