San Pedro / Wachuma Ceremony

San Pedro (Wachuma in Quechua) is a sacred cactus, used in the Andes for healing for thousands of years. This medicine is used to heal on emotional, physical and spiritual levels. San Pedro reconnects us to ourselves and to Mother Earth/Pachamama, is a master teacher plant, a great gift from the universe. It helps us to grow, learn, and awaken, and assists us in reaching higher states of consciousness.

Wachuma shows us our divinity and the divinity in ALL. This is a beautiful way to heal ourselves, to have the TRUE understanding of all that is, and to set us free. San Pedro gives us a greater understanding of our purpose in life, clarity, and love for ourselves and for all of creation. This is Heart medicine giving a deep connection and working for raising consciousness.

San Pedro Flower Microdose Essence helps us to reconnect to our ceremonial experiences, opening our hearts, blossoming into being one with the spirit of the plant to continue our work. These essences are made by Lesley from the flowering cacti in her garden.

Wachuma Ceremonies

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at  Casa de la Gringa Mountain House Retreat Temple of the Moon (9:30am to 5:30pm).

To get to the Mountain House, its best to call taxi Ermo +51940237051 or Taxi Isaac +51902316297 the day before to organise for him to fetch you on ceremony day at 9am. (15 minute drive). They charge 20 soles. My house is very special, as its right in front of the Temple of the Moon, an ancient energetic and sacred Temple.

Sacred medicine

We have been working with San Pedro for over 25 years and are very particular about how our medicine is prepared. We use 7 and 9 ribbed cacti in accordance with sacred geometry.

Our cacti are at least 6 years old, harvested from the northern deserts of Peru. Growing in this dry climate, the psychoactive alkali (mescaline) is concentrated naturally and the medicine is cooked for 20 hours with prayerful intention and love.

We use only 10% of the body of the cactus, which is the most powerful. Lesley has been working with Wachuma since 1991 and has dedicated her life to listening to the guidance received as a result, sharing this wisdom rooted in the abiding traditions of this sacred path and helping those that come to her for this work in calling forth the healing energies of this magnificent master teacher plant.

Our Magic Garden, Sacred Space

Our magic garden is the PERFECT place for you to be when working with San Pedro. It is literally bursting with hundreds of flowering plants and frequent visits by hummingbirds. It is a San Pedro Temple with over 700 cacti growing around the perimeter. Designed by Lesley, it embodies the divine feminine with wind-chimes, altars, hammocks, and so much beauty – a gentle and safe space for you.

We have sun-umbrellas for if the sun is strong, comfy mats for you to lie on in the garden while cloud-gazing, loads of blankets for if you are chilly, and on-site staff that are completely accustomed to the needs of people working with San Pedro. It is truly a Garden of Eden, a relaxing paradise. Later in the day we can join together to share and integrate experiences around our cozy garden fireplace.

Moloka, Ceremonial Space

One of the keys to having the best experience possible is that you are in a safe place where you can go deep into your healing journey. Our ceremonies are held in our Mountain House Retreat, right beside the famed Temple of the Moon, aligned with powerful energetic ley lines.

We built this sacred temple of light, which is in a perfect setting for conducting ceremonies, meditation and integration of these powerful teachings. Its circular shape is in keeping with the highland jungle and Andean fusion design for channeling all energies. It is a safe space, ideal for if it is raining or cold, where we create our ceremonies with reverence, great love and intention.

The moloka can accommodate larger, private groups and we offer individual smaller ceremonies a couple of times weekly. The temple features elegant décor honoring the various esoteric traditions, with good ventilation and is equipped with heaters for when it is chilly.

We also have oxygen on site. Of course, the moloka is waterproof and capable of withstanding high winds and freezing temperatures. The Temple provides a clean and nurturing energy space.

Retreat Accommodation, Lodging

We offer the option to our guests to stay the night, to continue their work with San Pedro in the quiet and nurturing space of our Mountain House Retreat, at an additional cost and on an availability basis.

The lodging consists of a large house with shared bedrooms and bathrooms, a casita (small house) with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, and 3 cozy huts in the garden.

We offer comfortable lounges, kitchen and dining areas, hot water, showers, heaters and oxygen and awesome star-gazing away from the city lights. Each room is decorated individually with various Peruvian themes. If you choose to stay overnight, included in the price is a light dinner and breakfast in the morning.

Sacred Sites, Inca Temples

A stone’s throw from our Mountain House Retreat Center is Amaru Machay (Serpent Cave) also known as The Temple of the Moon. This is a pre-Inka site dating back thousands of years and is considered to be a rebirthing center – a perfect place for you to let go of the past and embrace your newfound understandings shared with you by the spirit of San Pedro.

Other archeological sites with numerous Inka temples are a few minutes’ walk away with many enigmatic stone carvings, some of which are considered to be mysterious inter-dimensional portals. High mountain cleansing springs feed the streams running through some of the most spectacular scenery you will every lay eyes on. We offer the opportunity to accompany you on a walk through some of these sites during your time with us.

Q'ero, Wisdom Keepers

The Q’ero are the wisdom-keepers of sacred Inka Mysticism. They are 100% pure-blood Inka, having never mixed with the Spanish conquistadors. They have even been referred to as the “Masters of the Living Energy”. We frequently have a Q’ero paqo (shaman) present to hold space for our guests during our ceremonies and to do “limpiezas” (energetic cleansings).

These beautiful people are pure beings of light, dedicated to working with the earth energies of Pachamama. We feel so honored to be able to share them with you. They are also master weavers (of energy AND wool!) and usually have some of their family’s weavings available to you should you wish to purchase something, which helps these indigenous people in supporting their traditions and families.

Wholesome Food

During your San Pedro ceremony, you will be offered cups of herbal teas and later in the day, a fresh fruit salad. If you choose the optional overnight stay, we will prepare for you a nutritious and filling organic vegetarian or quinoa soup and bread in accordance with the San Pedro diet and a light breakfast in the morning before your departure to enhance and elevate your energy before returning to Cusco.


We recommend that the day before ceremony that you avoid any heavy foods such as meat, fried foods and alcohol. A light vegetarian diet is preferable. The morning of the ceremony have only clear teas or a little bit of papaya.

Guardian Dogs

Dogs are Earth Angels who beautifully hold space for humans as our guardians. Our dogs also work with the San Pedro energies for our guests in ceremony and share their love. They come to support, love and help us heal and we are often told that they play a wonderful role in the experiences of our participants.

Care Giving Staff

We have a loyal staff who are on site during your ceremony to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. In addition to the person facilitating your ceremony, we also have 2 ladies in the kitchen preparing food and teas, a gardener, a maintenance man and a night watchman on site to take care of anyone spending the night. This helps to maximize your journey with San Pedro, knowing that you will be taken care of in a safe and supportive environment.