San Pedro also known as Wachuma a sacred plant, a cactus, used in the Andes for healing purposes. Most people drink this medicine to heal on an emotional level, but it is also used to cure physical illness. San Pedro reconnects us to ourselves, & also to Mother Earth. The plant is a master teacher, a great gift from Creator. It helps us to heal, to grow, to learn and awaken, and assists us in reaching higher states of consciousness.

To prepare for the experience.

At least one day before:

No meat or chicken
No fatty foods
No spices or citrus
No alcohol.

After 10 pm the night before, nothing, except water or herbal teas.

Contemplate on what you would like to heal within yourself, or what you would like to learn about the universe, or yourself. Maybe you need direction in your life…in relationship, work, etc.

The morning of the BIG day:

No breakfast, unless you have a sugar problem, then eat Papaya

Be ready to leave for the mountains before 10 am. Bring with you a large bottle of water, very warm clothing, a rain jacket, sun block, sun hat or wooly hat. Some fruit….banana, mango, or apple, energy bar, or salty biscuits.

The idea is not to eat as it could lessen the experience, but sometimes hunger gets to us, so at least we have something light to eat, so that we can then concentrate on our journey.

We leave my Hostel at 10 am; go by car to my house in the mountains (12 minute drive). My house is very special, as its right in front of the Temple of the Moon, an ancient energetic and sacred Temple.

We drink the medicine in my garden, and when we feel the medicine working, we usually go walking around the ruins of the Temple. Some people prefer to just stay in the garden, and for some, its just not possible to walk much. The effect of the San Pedro takes from 45 minutes to 2 hours to appear, and stays with us for approx 10 hours, but sometimes can last even longer.

You do not loose consciousness or control. Normally one can walk and talk as normal. Sometimes its difficult to walk. You may, or may not vomit. If you do, think of it as a cleansing.

The plant shows us where we hold our negativity in our bodies, where it came from, and then shows us what we SHOULD have learned from that experience. Once we see that, we release the negativity in our bodies, and we feel really clean and light afterwards, and we can think of that same experience afterwards, and we can give thanks for the teachings we received. It teaches us that NO experience is a bad experience, IF we learn from it.

In the same way, it shows us our thought patterns, and teaches us that every illness we have, is NOT because of bad luck, but because of the way we think. It teaches us to stop and recognize HOW we think, and change our thoughts, into positive ones. This is how we clean our bodies from all illness…is by cleaning our minds. I have been very blessed to have experiences many miracles, people being cured of cancer, and all sorts of illnesses, just by them drinking this sacred plant.

We also use this plant to reconnect to the earth. In this experience, we realize that there is NO separation between you, me, the earth, and the sky. We are all ONE. Its one thing to read but to actually experience this oneness is one of the most beautiful gifts we can receive. The plant also teaches us to live in this world in balance and harmony, it teaches us compassion and understanding, and shows us clearly to love, respect and honor all things.

The plant shows us too, that we are all children of the Light; we are all precious and special. It teaches us to see the divine within us, and to hold the divine light within us.

Each persons experience will be unique, as we are all unique. It’s a personal journey of discovery of self, and of the universe. It’s a day that is filled with light and love, a day that you will never forget, a day that can change your life…always for the better.

There is no such thing as a bad experience; it is not at all dangerous. It is totally positive. However, I need to know of any illnesses you may have, in order for me to be of more assistance to you. If you have a bleeding colon, please do not drink this plant, and if you have schizophrenia, I need to know what type, and also if you have sugar diabetes. All info will be confidential, but it’s important that you relay this info to me.

To end the day:

We either walk down the mountain to town, back to our hostel, at about 6.30 to 7 pm, or call a taxi, or we can stay over at my special mountain house (extra $25), including dinner and walk down the following morning. It’s only a 20 minute, beautiful scenery walk. For those that do not wish to walk, a taxi is included.

I hope you all give yourselves this amazing opportunity to grow, in the LIGHT.


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