Peru – Cusco, March 2013 (13 days)

Conducted by Richard Grossman, Simon & Mark Myburgh.
PLANT MEDICINE RETREAT. San Pedro &, Ayahuasca.


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Day 1 – Cusco: Casa De La Gringa.

Transfer from Cusco airport to Casa de La Gringa. Acclimatize & rest.
Walking tour to the Plaza de Armas & Coricancha to explore this town’s delightful energy.
Coricancha “Golden Temple” was the most important temple in the Inca empire.
It was originally built in honor of the sun god.
Briefing with leaders.

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Day 2 – Cusco: Casa De La Gringa

This Morning we explore local archaeological temples including:
Sacsayhuaman & Temple of the Moon.
Offering to mother earth & spiritual cleansing ceremonies. (conducted by Qeros tribe)
Light lunch at mountain sanctuary.
Guidance briefing on San Pedro for the following day!
Visit the Planetarium center to discover the ancient astrology of the Incas.

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Day 3 – Sanctuary Mountain House.

Full day San Pedro ceremony for healing & purification.
Connecting you to the planet, cosmos and your higher self.
San Pedro also known as Wachuma a sacred plant, a cactus, used in the Andes for healing purposes. Most people drink this medicine to heal on an emotional level, but it is also used to cure physical illness. San Pedro reconnects us to ourselves, & also to Mother Earth. The plant is a master teacher, a great gift from Creator. It helps us to heal, to grow, to learn and awaken, and assists us in reaching higher states of consciousness.
Fruit salads & herbal teas will be provided throughout the day.
Spent the evening under the southern constellations at the mountain house.

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Day 4 – Sanctuary Mountain House.

Morning meditation reflection. (Light Lunch).
Workshops on the diagnostics of medicinal plant properties.
In the afternoon we will visit a sacred inca ruins.
Guidance briefing on Ayahuasca for the following day!

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Day 5 – Sanctuary Mountain House.

Introduction to Shamanic ceremonial workshops. And sweat lodge. Light Lunch.
Ayahuasca night ceremony, exploring the mysteries of the master plant.
Entering higher realms of dimensions.

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Day 6 – Cusco: Casa De La Gringa.

Morning meditation reflection.
Return to hotel.
This afternoon we travel through the Sacred Valley visiting sacred sites such as:
Pisac, Pachar, Moras, Temple of the Sun and Peruvian markets.
Inca’s belief of Pachar was that it was a portal to another dimensional doorway leading into three dimensions. Last stop Moras salt flats also called the Salineras vortex site.
Return back to Cusco by evening.
Acknowledging Wachuma for the following day!

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Day 7 – Sanctuary Mountain House.

Transfer up to the Mountain House.
San Pedro Day/Night journey – Healing & Purification – Teacher Plant.
Reaching higher states of truth and consciousness.
Light meals will be provided throughout the day.
Enjoy the evening with a bon-fire .

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Day 8 – Sanctuary Mountain House.

Explore the sacred surrounding site Temple Of The Moon. (Light Lunch).
Meditation session in preparation for ceremony. (Light meals)
Night session/Ayahuasca ceremony .
Experience the magic of the Master Plant in the heights of the Andes!

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Day 9 – Sanctuary Mountain House.

Morning reconnection with Leader.
Free afternoon. (Light Lunch).
Preperation for Ayahuaska.
Night session/Ayahuasca ceremony .

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Day 10 – Cusco Casa de La Gringa.

Morning Ayahuaska process-session .
Return to Cusco.
Free afternoon in Cusco to stroll around the ancient street’s or spend the day just relaxing!

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Day 11 – Lares Hot springs overnight.

Mid-day transfer through the Sacred Valley to Lares.Lunch Box.
Saturate your senses in a relaxing natural hot springs!
Overnight at the Lares hot springs.

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Day 12 – Casa de La Gringa.

Beautiful Morning Meditation Sunrise!
Return back to Cusco in the afternoon.
Farewell dinner party, fiesta time, live music & dance!!!

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Day 13 – Departure day.

Transfer to Cusco airport.
Adios Amigos.

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Total price per person sharing: $ 1950 USD

Included on your Journey.

5 nights’ accommodation Casa de La Gringa – 6 nights’ accommodation Sanctuary Mountain House – 1 night Camping Hot-springs – Entrance to hot-springs – Transfer inn – Walking tour – Santa Domingo Centre-Dimensional doorway-Salt Mines- Sacsayhuaman Tour – Despacho at Temple of the Moon – Lunch at Temple of the Moon – Planetarium Tour – 2 Wachuma Journeys – 3 Ayahuasca Ceremony’s – Trekking to sites – Pisac Sacred Valley tour – Workshop & Sweat Lodge – Last Dinner at Andean Wings Plus Music Band – Transfer out – All Breakfasts – Full Service

Not Included:

National Flight Tickets Lima – Cusco – Lima.
Optional additional tour 2 days 1 night Machupicchu. $ 390

Additional accommodation @ Casa De La Gringa. $ 25 per night Meal otherwise from program – Optional Machupicchu.

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