Healing Plants Stories IV

I wanna tell you about Saturday, Wachuma day, or San Pedro day. Pretty amazing. First of all, I went to wake Ali up at 5 am. We drank the medicine, saying that in half an hour we will go on his motor bike to the lake. Well, in 20 minutes Ali and I were sooo gone, out there, that we couldnt move one meter, never mind going on a motor bike. Its never ever worked that fast before. So we managed to get to the garden.

We were both very sick, lots of vomiting going on. Then the visions came, and god, were they amazing. We both saw us and a friend of ours, rilo, as huge beings of light, something like angels, we were brothers and sister, we were a tribe of light. It was shown to us that we are not here, in Cusco, on this little piece of ground in my garden, by accident. We are here now, because we have to call in the tribe. We need to get together now to use our light, these times are very important.

Sara came outside just to tell me that I should read the tibetan book of the dead, as she knows my name means the gate keeper. Travelled thru soo many lifetimes, with Ali always there as my brother guardian angel. I experienced soo much, but cant tell you as it happenned too fast, well so it seemed. The day was beautiful more beautiful than ever. I was soo happy, but also went thru a bit of pain and crying, seeing, understanding. At about 5 in the afternoon, I went to shower.

I got dressed very carefully, in beautiful black clothes, that I havent worn since in Peru. I felt as if I was preparing for something sacred. I went down stairs and told Ali he too must shower and get dressed beautifully, preferably in black. I told him that we were going to a ceremony maybe, he asked what, and I said I dont know, but it could be a wedding or a funeral, but that it is something special. So he gets dressed, but instead of putting on his black shirt, he puts one on that has suns on it.

So he says come, we are going on the bike to sacsayhuaman. I realise that this is totally crazy, because we are soo out there, we can hardly walk straight. But anyway, off we go. As we are driving around those crazy curves, I see the incredible sky, and suddenly I have my arms out and I am thinking, yes this is it, its my meeting with death.

I am soo happy, I feel totally at peace, totally ready to die, I think about my kids, and think they’ll be okay. Death take me, I am in ecstasy. But Ali and I do not have an accident, we just seem to keep flying. But I know that I have just experienced some kind of death, it was beautiful. We get to the top of Sacsayhuaman, everywhere we look we see gods genius, his love for everything.

We stop in town, Ali wants cakes again. I should definately not be in town, I am far too stoned. Ali too, he looks soo weird. We then decide to go for a jacuzzi, great idea to get soo warm.

Afterwards, we go to Georgois italian retuarant, for Ali’s farewll. This is soo crazy, as we cannot talk to anyone else, we are still soo very far away. The food is excellent, nice nice people, but my eyes are falling shut, I cannot stay awake 2 minutes longer. I say thanks and excuse myself. Go home, get into bed and fall asleep. A few minutes later, its 1.09 am. The phone rings. It’s my sister, in South Africa.

She says to me, her son leighton died a few hours ago, in a car accident. Her husband Peter, only died not even 2 months ago. Leighton was certainly the most beautiful human I have ever seen. A god, for sure. He came into this world troubled, had a hard time, as all angels do. I say to my sister, i dunno what to say, just god bless you. She says, “dont talk to me about god, there is no god, how could there be, someone soo cruel, to take my husband and my son.”

Me…… I cannot say anything now. I can only trust in the silence.

Was San Pedro connecting the gate keeper, with the ultimate moment of Leightons physical life? If so, this moment was pure bliss, as i remember it should be, it is. I am grateful to remember this. But i cannot soften my sisters pain by trying to tell her this. I will trust that the teacher will appear.

And then again, it could all be because i am totally crazy. Right?????

I never want to forget anything San Pedro teaches me.

Love you,

Woman that flies………