Healing Plants Stories II

Another experience, Dec 1996

Villacabamba, Equador.

Felicia and myself went cactus cutting in the mountains of Vilcabamba. We got back to her house and spent 3 days preparing it with ceremony, incense and prayers. Once it was ready we hiked up into the mountains near a river and a cave and drank the San Pedro. Its a very bitter medicine to swallow. I vomited a lot, the visions came on very powerfully as soon as I vomited. I started by sitting on rocks by the river watching the light and colour in the water and watching the colours in the stones, it was as if I could see gold threads running through the stones. I then went into the cave, I spread my arms across one of the walls, and suddenly I could feel the rock breathing, it was breathing so hard I could feel my body sway with the breathing. At one point I panicked and thought that the cave was going to collapse on me, I calmed myself and told myself to trust. It is the most incredible feeling, to actually feel, hear and see the earth breathe, to see the light and the life in all. After drinking this medicine, your whole outlook to life changes. Never again will you think that only certain things are alive. Everything is alive, breathing.I eventually went outside of the cave, and Mother Earth, Pacha Mama, started to speak to me. She told me “I want you to experience every bit of love that you have ever had in your life.” Immediately I saw faces of people flash in front of me from the time I was born, faces that I never knew, faces that I had long forgotten, and in that instant I experienced the most intense love that one could imagine, like God was in there as well, and I knew that they, and me, and god, were all one. I cried profusely, to have all that love in one instant was totally overwhelming. I saw and felt every bit of love that anyone has every given me in my life, every kindness, every look, every feeling. Then she said to me that I had to experience every bit of pain that I ever had in my life. In an instant I saw people, also forgotten or thought never seen before, and of course, many remembered, that had ever been nasty to me or had caused me pain. The pain was enormous. I saw, felt, every bad thought , intention and action, that was aimed at me since my birth, up until that day and beyond. Then she showed me a cord, an umbilical cord, between my navel and my husband’s, and suddenly it was cut. My whole body went through excruciating pain, I was crying with the pain. I wondered what this meant, did it mean that I was going to die or my husband? Without knowing it then, I went through the future pain of my divorce, which when it happened was “relatively” pain free. When I got back from Peru upon arrival at the airport with one look at my husband I knew that our marriage had ended.

Mother Earth then told me that I had to bleed for her. I never thought this was possible as my period was over two weeks ago, but in that instant I did bleed.

Pacha Mama then explained to me that men are young and women are ancient, it was time now for men to mature, and the time was coming soon when the young man whose name is Luz, which means light, is going to inseminate the old woman and she would give birth to a brand new world that is only light. All things that women experience, so does Pacha Mama experience, because women are a part of Pacha Mama, so every time that a woman feels pain, The Earth feels that pain, and evertime that women feel love, Pacha Mama feels that too. If men understood the emotions of women, then they would understand how The Earth feels, and then they would treat The Earth with love and respect. If men treated women with love and respect then The Earth would feel this, and vice versa. then maybe, this is how we heal ourselves, heal the earth, and reach enlightenment. Pacha Mama said that Men are very young but now is the time for them to mature, and with this maturity will come the love and respect that The Earth desires.

By the time we left to go back to Felicia’s house it was dark, 9:30pm, we had no torches or candles, and the sky was full of clouds and dark. I paniced a bit, and said, hey, Felicia what are we going to do, there is no light, no moon. Felicia said let’s go. As we started walking we noticed that all of the plants alongside us lit up very brightly, as if there were electric lights under them, and that all we needed to do was to keep walking between the path lit by the plants, and we would be safe. We crossed rivers, cliffs, over mountains, and we did not stumble. Earlier in the day we stumbled often going there. The plants led us home. I looked at Felicia in front of me and saw a huge light at the back of her head and called to tell her. She looked back at me and said, “My God Les, you are covered with hundreds of little lights.” And I looked around me and I was, there were hundreds of these tiny little lights around me, it was beautiful, I felt like a fairy with glowing dust.

Seeing the light in plants, it is there all the time, for all of us to see, but because of the veils and the way we hide ourselves we don’t see properly. If we allowed ourselves to be the light that we are, then we would see the lights in all ….. and we are meant to see.