Peace. Sanctuary. Beauty. Contemplation. Connection. Sound.

Retreat Accommodation, Lodging
We offer the option to our guests to stay the night, to continue their work with San Pedro in the quiet and nurturing space of our Mountain House Retreat, at an additional cost and on an availability basis. The lodging consists of a large house with shared bedrooms and bathrooms, a casita (small house) with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, and 3 cozy huts in the garden. We offer comfortable lounges, kitchen and dining areas, hot water, showers, heaters and oxygen and awesome star-gazing away from the city lights. Each room is decorated individually with various Peruvian themes. If you choose to stay overnight, included in the price is a light dinner and breakfast in the morning. 

The mountain house is conveniently located in Temple Of The Moon, just minutes from the heart of Cusco. We offer a variety of rich natural environmental space in which we hold workshop’s, with overnight accommodation for guests. The rugged beauty of our environment is perfect for those seeking peace.

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Experience Liberating, Enlightening Source within Clarify your life’s higher purpose
Increase your deepest levels of creativity
Generate abundant internal power and vitality
Master profound relaxation and presence
Open your inner peace and tranquility
Discover your natural simplicity
Realize your essence
Commune deeply with Nature
Experience the natural joy inherent within you

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