Ayahuasca (Night Ceremony)

On a psychological level, it manifests as a much more intense way of experiencing the thinking and self-reflection processes, deeper comprehension of one’s reality, and flow of insights. It may reveal the content of one’s conscious, as well as of the subconscious reality of one’s Mind. Ayahuasca can provoke a person to take a deeper look at reality, ideas, ideologies, or beliefs.

Ayahuasca helps us find the dimension of the sacred in our lives. Its effect is due to a biochemical process that occurs naturally in the brain. Normally, neurons – nerve cells in the brain – release neurotransmitters that nerve impulses pass from one to another carrying information. One such neurotransmitter is serotonin.

But when many serotonin into action monoaminoxidase is an enzyme that destroys the molecules in order to ensure balance neurological. The alkaloids in the liana Mariri (Jagube) prevent the formation of this enzyme, therefore, on the serotonin, which improves the vision of the state and the causes of the expansion of consciousness.

Naturally, this means that increases the level of creativity, intelligence, and balance, giving the person an undeniable increase in their self-esteem, and becomes more intuitive, and more circumspect, starting to overcome barriers to learning things before had difficulty expanding their scope of action in life and in relationship to the next.

Several studies conducted by the entities that share the Ayahuasca users ensure that people become balanced and healthy, have a good memory, have the facility of learning, have a greater calm, and deep respect for nature, and find a way to promote balanced peace and harmony between peoples.