Sacred Plant Ceremonies and Mystical Journeys

Another Planet offers a variety of Sacred Plant ceremonies and Mystical Tours in Peru. You can experience both San Pedro and Ayahuasca, two incredibly powerful plants that heal on all levels – mind, body and spirit.

San Pedro Retreat / Ceremony (Full Day)

San Pedro is a sacred teacher plant that has been used for thousands of years by the people of peru. You will enter a higher world of spiritual powers and other dimensions under the guidance of a san pedro shaman. San pedro connects you directly with pachamama (mother planet), the cosmos and your higher self. You can experience the wonders of this plant in the heart of Cusco, Peru… read more

Ayahuasca Ceremony (Night Ceremony)

Experience expertly – guided shamanic sessions using the ayahuasca plant. In the heart of the jungle, you will enter a higher world of spiritual powers and different dimensions. The ayahuasca plant with its natural healing power intensifies your feelings and senses. During these mystical sessions you will learn about your health, your work, personal projects and plans, and of course love. You will also be able to connect directly with pachamama (mother earth), the mother of the water, the forest, the air and your higher self. Our master shamans (ayahuasqueros) are the best in the amazon… read more

Despacho Offering to Mother earth & Spiritual Cleansing (half day)

The ceremony reflects the innate bond between Andean peoples and the land. When held for Pachamama, they are also called payments to the earth or pagos a la tierra. There are many different types of despacho ceremonies for various purposes. All serve as a way for man to connect to the spiritual world, to recognize the place that he holds within the universe, and to give thanks and appreciation for life… read more

Mystical Coca Leaf Readings (Half Day)

From ancient times our holy leaf was used in native religious worships and in reading for future predictions. The visionaries have kept this practice from their parents and ancestors to the present day… read more

Mountain House Spiritual Retreat

The mountain house is conveniently located in Temple Of The Moon, just minutes from the heart of Cusco. We offer a variety of rich natural environmental space in which we hold workshop’s, with overnight accommodation for guests . The rugged beauty of our environment is perfect for those seeking peace… read more

San Pedro Flower Essence

The high vibration of the San Pedro Flower Essence helps to open our heart, be centered, grounded, compassionate + connected to nature “One”… read more