As Peru and Bolivia are third world countries, it is of the utmost importance that you realize that the hotels are not up to the usual star ratings (usually 3 or 4 stars) We often experience problems with the water and toilets. For those staying on the Islands, the accommodations is of the absolute basics, with no electricity or any water born sewerage. However, everyone agrees that this is the most amazing part of the journey it is an important and wonderful way to get to know the true nature of these beautiful, gentle people.


April’ wet season, sunny days, cold nights. June’ winter, dry season, warm days, cold nights. Sept’ end of dry season, hot days, cold nights. Dec’ summer, hot rainy season.

In Peru and Bolivia we dress in layers as there are four seasons in one day. As this is sheer adventure, bring only casual clothes and cheap watches.

Health and Fitness

Yellow fever inoculation is compulsory, must be done ten days before departure.

Malaria, jungle trips, ask your doctor which malaria tablets are recommended.

All medicines need a copy of the prescription for Custom Control.

It is important that you get fit, as we do a lot of hiking at high altitudes.

Fitness will enhance the journey for everyone and help with acclimatization.

Kantrexil and a suitable, wide spectrum antibiotic is also advisable to carry.

If you suffer from any illness, it is imperative that you discuss this trip with your doctor and disclose this information to the Tour Operators.


Bring a flat fabric money holder to wear around your waist, under your clothing. It should hold your passport and travelers checks. Take about a third of your spending money in cash $US. In small denominations and the rest in dollar travelers checks. No torn dollars will be accepted anywhere.


Group insurance is compulsory and is usually about $45 US. Further info on finance page.

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