Going to Peru is always a transformative journey of the body, mind and spirit.

It is a land of vast contrasts, from the heady power of the Andean Mountain range, to the tranquillity of Lake Titicaca, to the hustle and bustle of Cusco, an ancient and timeless city nestled in the fertile valleys.

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Open Vision- Ayahuasca Art Retreat UNI KAYA: Cusco – 17th – 23th February 2019

Visionary Art, Meditation, Breath Work, Yoga, Ayahuasca. This retreat is open to all levels of artistic abilities. It’s for everyone who wants to open or deepen their vision through the use of ayahuasca and accompanying practices like meditation and breath work as well as a gentle yoga practice.
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Holistic Tribe Time Travel: Cusco – 19th – 27th March 2019

The techniques of shamanism help us awaken to our true essence, to awaken spiritually, to learn and grow – mind, body and spirit for future purpose, exploring the traditional ways in our certified apprentice training rites. Our Peru Vortex Expedition is a one-of-a-kind, extraordinary tour! We have put in so much research and ancient knowledge available…
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African – Andean Fusion: PACHAMAMA MEETS MAMA AFRICA!: Peru – June 9th, 2019

Grandmother Lindi Dlamini-Dlakiya, a very well-known South African Sangoma (indigenous African shaman) is coming to Peru! This is an incredible opportunity of uniting the indigenous practices of Mama Africa with the Andean Pachamama in a cultural exchange, creating new levels of consciousness. Here the Andean puma meets the African lion!…
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ChakanAchuma(Cosmic Heart Bridge): Peru – September 24th, 2019

GThis unique tour draws from the shamanic traditions of South America and beyond. Come and experience miracles, magic and lightness in the heights of the Andes mountains. Includes 3 full day ceremonies with the sacred medicine Wachuma (San Pedro) – neighboring Temple of the Moon – one of many sacred sites we visit on this powerful Pre-Inkan land…
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Southern African Mystical Journey 14 Days: South Africa – January 9th, 2020

This journey will take you from the cosmopolitan streets of Cape Town to the magnificent landscapes of beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, safari’s & lush wilderness. One incredible life-changing adventure conducted by ex-South African patriots & spiritual leaders: The Myburgh Family !
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