Discover Morocco January 8th – 21st 2025

Immerse Yourself in the Magic of Morocco

Embark on an unforgettable journey to Morocco from January 8th to 21st, 2025. This exclusive tour invites you to explore the rich cultural tapestry and stunning landscapes of a country where tradition meets modernity.

Why Choose Our Morocco Tour?

Exquisite Itinerary:

Experience the vibrant souks of Marrakech, the serene beauty of the Sahara Desert, and the historic wonders of Fes and Casablanca.

Expert Guides:

Our knowledgeable guides will enrich your journey with insights into Morocco's history, culture, and hidden gems.

Luxury Accommodations:

Stay in handpicked, luxurious riads and hotels that offer comfort and authentic Moroccan hospitality.

Gastronomic Delights:

Savor traditional Moroccan cuisine with meals included throughout your trip.

Highlights of the Tour

Join us for an adventure of a lifetime and create memories that will last forever. Book your spot now for an extraordinary journey through Morocco.


Discover the enchanting city of Marrakech, known for its bustling markets, exquisite palaces, and vibrant nightlife.

Sahara Adventure:

Experience a thrilling camel trek and spend a night under the stars in a luxurious desert camp.

Historical Fes:

Explore the ancient medina of Fes, a UNESCO World Heritage site with its labyrinthine streets and stunning architecture.


Visit the iconic Hassan II Mosque and stroll along the picturesque Corniche.

Experience Morocco Like Never Before:

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About Us

Another Planet is our Peruvian based travel agency specializing in mystical, spiritual and adventure tours locally and internationally.

The company is owned and run by “La Gringa” Lesley Myburgh and her twin sons spiritual light workers, Mark and Simon Myburgh who have all lived in Peru for the past 20 years.

Client Testimonials

“You literally will not find a better travel agent anywhere else. Simon was absolutely incredible! He planned the trip of a lifetime for my wife and I and went way above and beyond for us. Simon is now a friend for life and we will absolutely be returning to Peru and having Another Planet Peru plan our future trips too.”
“Lesley is one of the most hospitable women I have ever met and her kindness and care are evident through this entire place. The rooms are beautiful and cozy and the garden is magical. There is always someone around to have a nice conversation with or offering you food. Likewise, her ceremonies are both soft and powerful and you feel held the entire journey.”
“Leslie and Simon are incredible souls. Their love, care and commitment to what they do and provide in this place is palpable. The staff is amazing and guests are very well taken care of. The location is unmatched. The backyard is filled with endless ancient temples, caves and trails that beckon to be explored. The best place to stay at, connect, expand, rest, and be cocooned by its beautiful energy. 100% recommended.”

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