Dear Lesley,

I write to  you to thank you for all the great healing that you brought to us all during the ceremonies that you performed while you were in Mexico. Everyone at the healing center “ Casa de la Vida” , was very much pleased and experienced a great transforming, loving and healing week end.

We enjoyed your sweetness and knowledge, understanding the great work you do when working with the ancestral wisdom of San Pedro. Thank you for sharing all that with us and we hope to go deeper into the healing of our energies in the future.

From all your friend here in Mexico, a warm hug, looking forward to seeing you again very soon.

Your friend,

Hector Riveroll.
Casa de la Vida.

June 2009 – Regarding Lesley Myburgh/San Pedro ceremonies

I have been asked to provide a reference for Lesley and the San Pedro ceremonies she runs. I am very happy to do so.

I first visited Peru about 10 years ago to drink ayahuasca and San Pedro and have returned many times since, including with groups of people I now take to Peru to work with these medicines as well.

While there are many good ayahuasca shamans in Peru, it took me several years before I could find a comparable San Pedro shaman with the right gentle and positive approach that was conducive to the participant’s enjoyment of and learning from San Pedro. That shaman was Lesley. With Lesley guiding the ceremony I can relax and know that I and my participants are in safe hands!

And, as an added bonus, her San Pedro is of a wholly different order to the others I had drunk for 10 years: much more potent and much more visionary.

Her ceremonies are held in the daytime too so it is warmer, more comfortable and, more than that, you can see the world around you and it is alive with colour, spirit and beauty. Lesley has a nurturing and supportive but non-intrusive approach to ceremony so you are also able to experience San Pedro directly without the distractions that other shamans insist upon.

Some of the experiences of others that I now take on my group trips to work with Lesley are recounted in my forthcoming book about San Pedro, The Hummingbird’s Journey to God, which also features input from Lesley. These are a few of their comments:

“This trip was exactly what I needed – and what I imagine many, many people need! In Cusco so much of my life, so much of everything I’ve ever known, was given the space and brilliance to be brought together. The results were deep!” – Kyle, musician, USA

” The most powerful, profound experience of my life. I completely dissolved – no room for ego! I became the Breath of Life, Infinite and Eternal Love. I now dedicate my life to honour and integrity and to accepting life’s path rather than trying to dictate it. If everyone experienced this the world would be very different. It has become better for me already! I strongly recommend the experience!” – Donna, teacher, UK

“San Pedro showed me just how beautiful life is. I had a sense of completion, like I had healed everything that was meant to be healed. I am so grateful to San Pedro for these insights and for the revelations it shared with me.” – Simon, online business manager, Gibraltar

“San Pedro was life-changing. I felt such peace and acceptance. I had an overwhelming sense of belonging to the earth and of the importance of every curve of the mountain range, every boulder, rock, stone and blade of grass; all part of the same incredible tableau and all of equal importance. Through the eyes of San Pedro the world is an exceptionally beautiful place. I have come home with new eyes and can bring the beauty of the world to mind – and into reality – by just remembering the experience.” – Tracie, counsellor and teacher, Australia

In short, I rate Lesley’s work very highly and recommend her to you as a great San Pedro healer and a lovely person as well.

Ross Heaven
Author of Plant Spirit Shamanism and The Hummingbird’s Journey to God.
The first to be written specifically about healing with San Pedro.

I first met Lesley Myburgh in Cusco Peru.

I actively sought her out to attend her San Pedro ceremonies from the recommendations of fellow shamen. Having attended ceremonies at her property in the hills of Cusco and drunk there with her several times I was very impressed with her abilities and would always have the greatest confidence to be a participant.

Lesley is an amazing woman whose wisdom and love is given freely and in such an open hearted way that every ceremony is an absolute joy to attend. There was a very positive and enriching outcome for myself as well all the other participants I was fortunate to meet there. A profound change was to come from these ceremonies and Lesley is a major key to this happening.

As a shamanic practitioner in Sweden I feel extremely fortunate and very honoured to host twice a year such an amazing leader that Lesley is. Every ceremony has been well attended to the point that there is now a waiting list for places in the next ceremonies to be held here. Her work is excepcional and that is reflected in the satisfaction of every participant.

Again the profound depth of healing and insight is freely given in a loving harmonious way. Having been able to work with her these last few years I would wholeheartedly recommend her for her integrity, compassion and knowledge. I would not hesitate to attend her ceremonies or to do work with her on any level.

Darryl Guy
Stockholm Sweden


It is an honor and a pleasure to extend our highest recommendations to Ms. Leslie and Simon Myburgh. Love is the Medicine organizes Shamanic tours and experiences in Peru, visiting Lima, Cusco, Machu-Picchu and the Amazonian Jungle.

Leslie hosts our groups at Cusco at her unique hostel “Casa de La Gringa” and at her most exotic, sweetly vibe Villa in Tambillos; and organizes every detail of our visits and ceremonies at Machu-Picchu.

Leslie’s co-host with Simon, her son, to form the most lovable hospitality team ever dreamed. Simon will take care of every detail; he is more than the perfect concierge he is the rainmaker!

Leslie is the sweetest Shamanita, with a reputation to brew the most powerful San Pedro in Peru, and heal with the magic of love.

Holding a ceremony at Machu-Picchu with Leslie is simply OUT OF THIS WORLD!

If you want to learn, heal and love, look no further Leslie and Simon are the best.

Manuel Gandara

Part of my offering as a Shamanic Practitioner is to organize groups to travel to South America and work with my mentors who I deeply trust and honor. It is my privilege to have the opportunity to endorse the ceremonial work of Lesley Myburgh. Her deep knowledge of the Medicine and commitment to integrity is palpable. Her ability to hold space and support people through the medicine journey is masterful.

I recently brought a group to her beautiful mountainside casa, next to the Temple of the Moon in Peru. Many of the participants were experiencing San Pedro for the first time and had deep healing needs rise from their soul during ceremony. I was delighted with her sweetness, pure love, compassion and skill as she worked with my friends and colleagues.

It requires trust for people to open themselves up in this way and become so vulnerable in their desire to evolve. Lesley is quite worthy of this trust and holds her ceremony with great care. I recommend her highly and will return again and again and again.

Melinda Allec is a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner who holds multiple certifications including The Four Winds Society: Healing the Lightbody School, Institute of Energy Medicine, Science of Mind: Holmes Institute, Angel Therapy Practitioner and international study in South America.


“Simon Myburgh provided more than what was expected, so I had an enjoyable, trouble- free tour.” – Doña Rankin

“Simon was an absolutely superior guide. He was very professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful when asked for assistance. He anticipated each person’s need and saw to it that everyone was satisfied. Having worked in the tourism industry for many years, I understand what a challenge that can be at times. This was a job very well done. Thank you Simon!” – Dana Skopie

“Simon put together a trip I will remember the rest of my life. He was always available to answer questions, offer advice, suggest places to shop or eat, etc. Even after being home over a month I still find myself daydreaming about my trip. Simon also was extremely encouraging. I really thought I was not going to make it through the Inca Trail. He was so kind and really helped me conquer my fear of hiking it. I felt Simon was not my Guide on the trip but it was like a long, lost good friend who showed me around Peru. I never worried at all about my safety or – frankly – anything. I just enjoyed my vacation and found a new friend” – Peter Bin ski

“Tremendous leader Simon!!!! Always available, thoughtful, knowledgeable and flexible!!!! Would follow him around the world!” – Jean Christopher

“Mark was a great leader. He was really fun whilst also remaining completely professional throughout the tour. I had an issue regarding a camera battery that he did his all to help me with and he also assisted a number of the other passengers to the best of his ability with other issues during our trip. His knowledge of Peru was excellent and the tour was run to a high standard. I found Mark to be very approachable and genuinly friendly. Having Mark as our guide definitely enhanced the tour for myself and Im sure it did for others.” – Tom Johnson

“Mark was awesome. I dont think we would have had as much fun without him. He had great energy and was really easy to get along with. He did everything he could to keep everyone happy (even the grumpy ones!). He picked excellent restaurants and helped us pick out the best stores with quality items. When I left the group to travel alone he helped me find accommodations and helped me navigate from place to place safely. I am really happy we had him as our leader =)” – Kellian Davis

“Mark, our leader was very accommodating to our needs and helped us look for different places to try out. Mark even helped us shop for great alpaca sweaters and also helped us get our cell phone SIM for our stay in Peru. He took me to the caliente springs after coming down from Machu Picchu. Mark was a lot of fun to hang out with and made the trip even more enjoyable. I twisted my ankle towards the end of the trip playing volleyball and Mark was very helpful in getting my foot checked by the doctor.” – Azhar Zeshan

“Mark was very organized and professional, ensuring that everything ran smoothly. He was very knowledgeable about the tour and provided lots of information about the country. He was always willing to answer questions and when he knew you were interested in particular aspects would point out and expand on these individually. He has excellent & quote; people & quote; skills and I think made each person fell that he was interested in them and ensuring that they had a good time and that their expectations were met.” – Lillian Jone

“We cant say enough great things about Mark. We feel so lucky to have gotten Mark as our guide. He was just perfect for our group: focused, knowledgeable, intelligent, good-humored, infinitely patient, accommodating and anticipating of everyones needs, in control yet relaxed. Just everything we could have asked for in a guide. He knew when to point things out; he knew when to let us just experience. Our group was small, so we had a lot of opportunity to be with Mark. He was the perfect guide and travel partner. From the very beginning we felt entirely confident with Mark. He gave us great advice every step of the way and had all kinds of knowledge that helped us get the most out of the trip: where to eat (great restaurant choices), where to shop, ways to experience the sites, everything. Like we say: absolutely cannot say enough GREAT things about Mark.” – Randal Bass

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