Lesley Myburgh

Lesley Myburgh, Medicine woman, (frequently referred to as “La Gringa”) is originally from South Africa and first came to Peru in 1991 during which time she started working with San Pedro. 

Lesley returned to Peru bringing groups for years to continue learning from this master plant. She relocated to Cusco in the late 90s and Lesley embarked on an apprenticeship under the guidance of a highly-respected teacher, which lasted for 2½ years.

She subsequently continued her training from numerous internationally acclaimed spiritual leaders including Credo Mutwa (African spiritual leader), Don Ruben (Wachumero), Don Ignacio (Ayahuasqero) amongst many others.

Lesley’s dedication to working with the Spirit of San Pedro, and her willingness to listen to guidance in developing a universal tradition which resonates with the energies of our world today have earned her much respect in the Plant Medicine communities worldwide.

For the last 20 years Lesley has guided thousands of travelers and explorers worldwide in North & South America, Europe, Australia & Africa, using various healing techniques. 

Lesley travels to many countries sharing her gifts. Lesley has been mentioned in many books relating to this medicine work, some of which are “The Hummingbirds Journey to God”, & “San Pedro – Cactus of Vision” by Ross Heaven and “Doves Fly in My Heart: My Love Affair with Peru” by Lisa McClendon Sims.

Lesley is also owner of “La Casa de la Gringa”, a very highly regarded Mountain House in Cusco.

(More details at casa-de-la-gringa-mountain-house)