About Us

Another Planet Peru

Another Planet is our Peruvian based travel agency specializing in mystical, spiritual and adventure tours locally and internationally.

The company is owned and run by “La Gringa” Lesley Myburgh and her twin sons spiritual light workers, Mark and Simon Myburgh who have all lived in Peru for the past 20 years.

Independent personalized tours can include adventures such as Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Sacred Valley trips, Rainbow Mountain, Horse riding through sacred sites of Cusco, White River rafting, Inca Trail and alternative routes etc.

Let us know what you’d like so we can tailor make a package for you. We offer airport transfers. Please enquire about our Group Packages for 10 or more passengers, and receive a free trip  in lieu of commissions (excluding flights). We can help you tailor-make a trip of a lifetime for you and your Tribe.

Optional extras include: Ayahuasca journeys, Despacho (gratitude, manifestation and healing) ceremonies and spiritual Light Activation workshops on Thursdays.

San Pedro and our Casa de la Gringa Mountain House Retreat Temple of the Moon

Our unique spiritual retreat centre is situated upon powerful energetic ley lines in the mountains adjacent to the famed Temple of the Moon, one of Cusco’s most revered ancient Incan sites.

Sacred San Pedro is a master teacher plant that is partaken of during ceremonies, which are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (10am to 5:30pm).

San Pedro, known as Wachuma in Quechua, is a sacred healing cactus used in the Andes for over 3,000 years. This medicine is used to heal emotions, physical and spiritual aspects.  San Pedro helps us to grow, learn and awaken, raising higher states of consciousness.

The Myburgh family have more than 25 years experience of working with San Pedro internationally, and are very particular about the traditional shamanic preparation of the medicine served.

One of the pertinent keys to having a successful San Pedro experience is to feel safe in a space where you can relax, going deep into the healing journey. Our magical garden provides an ambient natural setting with frequent visits by hummingbirds; the proverbial Garden of Eden.

We frequently have a Q’ero paqo (shaman) present to hold space for our guests during ceremonies. Optional extras include a nature walk (weather dependent) in the surrounding mountains and sacred sites. We also offer guests the option to stay overnight to continue their work with San Pedro in the quiet, nurturing space of our Mountain House, at an additional cost and on an availability basis.

Further Information

Please visit our webpage www.anotherplanetperu.org/tours/ and follow us on Facebook Another Planet Peru where we frequently share upcoming tours with spiritual leaders that you can join.  Also, the next international destination the Myburgh’s will be visiting to join one of their San Pedro (Grandfather) ceremonies. Look out for our annual mystical trips to South Africa.

To avoid missing out on these magical opportunities, please act swiftly and let us know your program, package tour and dates for reservations asap.

Thank you, we look forward to welcoming you and ensuring you have a fabulous trip of a life time!